For many years the idea of knowing other planets has disturbed many scientists and engineers. The increasing eager that gathered in everyone’s mind was fueled by the facts that more and more threats appeared or were created, that put under a big question sign the existence of planet Earth. Due to the massive investments in the energy domain, the nuclear war threat appeared and also the very own nature gave us some hard times with the tightening of the Ozone layer at the two poles and with the changing behavior of the worldwide climate.

Apollo 11 Crew


The Apollo 11 mission is the first one that allowed humans to land on the Moon. This historical moment took place on July 20, 1969, the moment when Neil Armstrong and his crew stepped outside their lunar module and took the first steps on another planet.

In the following section, Reen Acting will present some of the most important features and moments during the whole Apollo 11 project’s existence.

In order to be sure that such a huge mission will be successfully completed, a crew with the most perfect and prepared man’s on Earth should have been prepared, and so it happened. The entire Apollo 11 mission has been formed of the spacecraft crew, the backup crew, the flight directors and obviously, the support crew.

Main Crew

Role Astronaut
Commander Neil Armstrong
Command Module Pilot Michael Collins
Lunar Module Pilot Edwin E. Aldrin Jr.


Backup Crew

Role Astronaut
Commander James A. Lovell
Command Module Pilot William A. Anders
Lunar Module Pilot Fred W. Haise Jr.


Accomplishments and Celebration


In order to establish the desired communication between the spacecraft and the command center located in Houston, USA, a team of support was required. The team was found of:


  • Charlie Duke
  • Bill Pogue
  • Jack Swigert
  • Ken Mattingly
  • Ronald Evans
  • Don L. Lind
  • Harrison Schmitt
  • Owen K. Garriott


The celebration of this success has been celebrated not only in America, but also all around the world, as it has been marked by every living person, the most important moment in the entire existence of human race. According to this, a special insignia has been developed by Collins representing a symbol for a peaceful lunar landing by the United States of America. On the coin is has been drawn a background with planet Earth and an eagle that places an olive branch on the Moon’s surface.

During the entire expedition, lunar surface operations have been performed and even some rocks has been taken and carried on Earth by the crew. It is by far the main achievement humankind made during its existence, not only due to the fact that it seemed impossible to be accomplished even in the far future, but also of the reason that it made us understand the entire processes that happen on Earth’s orbit and the actions that will probably alter our home planet.

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