Chronicling Events in U.S. History – How to Register an Anonymous Domain


In a standard registration, a domain name owner’s contact details can be accessed publicly through an online directory. Even though a lot of small business owners don’t see this as a problem as it could be beneficial towards contacting other businesses, some owners still prefer to opt for an anonymous domain, which makes it impossible for the general public to access their information but such information can be accessed through a subpoena or by law enforcement agents only. Anonymous registration is just as affordable and easy as standard registration with the added advantage of protecting an owner from identity theft, spam, and disloyal competition.

Select a domain name registration service with anonymous registration option

This includes services like Go Daddy Private Domain Registration, Active Domain, Silent Register, and Domains by Proxy. Examine seasonal price changes or offers and check that your service has the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accreditation for extra security.


Check if your desired domain name is available on your selected anonymous service

A majority of the registration services are able to crawl the internet to check if your domain name is available or not. Alternatively, typing your desired domain name in a browser to see if it’s taken or not also works. You can then tweak the name where necessary or contact the owner of the domain about the possibility of buying the domain off them and re-registering it.


Type your domain name into the registration service

The registration service will request for your personal and payment information. Your contact information is still required for the anonymous domain registration, however, that information will only be obtainable by law enforcement or by the public through a legal subpoena.

Complete the process of purchase and ensure that the particulars for your website, like operating instructions and registration details, are kept in a safe place.