Also, the main part of this society is formed by normal, regular people that have a very strong bounded conscience into the past actions of U.S.A and are eager to teach the young generation the greatest achievements that made them the most powerful nation in the world. is structured in the following format that allows the flow of decisions to go smooth from the top board to the lowest level, transparently and correctly.
• Director
• Senior Advisors
• Board of Decisions
• Membership Class
Considering this organization, it is not hard to acknowledge that there are several important facts to be stated about Reen Acting.
Membership Class: This is the level in which you can be placed only by submitting to their terms of conditions and if you are willing to contribute to all the running actions with a minimum of $100 / year.
You won’t be able to take part at the decisional meetings organized by this Organization, but you are able to volunteer to the numerous actions started.
Board of Decisions: In order to confer this organization a democracy aspect, the Board of Decisions has been created. This level has the purpose of accepting / rejecting the proposals that come from the higher level of decision.
By analyzing the contents and the budget, they can add or remove different features into/from the project and submit it to be executed.
Senior Advisors: At this level, the members are having regular meetings with the Director In order to plan and improve the following actions of the foundation. They can propose ideas that can be projected easily into an action and they are tracking the legal and financial state of the organization.
Taking into account the fact that migration has become a very serious subject in the latest years, Reen Acting Organization allows persons to become a member only if they are United States citizens. This decision came across the actions in which strangers that come in America in the try of finding a better life can’t teach the young generation the moral pylons that stand at the base of their conception, as they weren’t born and weren’t cultivated according to America’s principles.

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