Cure for Sexual Health All through History – How to Use Crystal X


Crystal X is a great cure for women who want a hassle-free and natural cure for vaginal discharge but do not like being dependent on a drug. The product contains herbs and it serves as a reliever and preventer of symptoms like odor, itching, patches, and stains in women while curing the underlying bacterial and fungal infections.

Frequent use of the vagina herbal stick will prevent any embarrassing situations by getting rid of the odor. The problem of vaginal discharge is effectively resolved with the underwear kept clean without any stains.

When the vagina herbal stick is inserted into the vagina, it releases an herbal essence which is absorbed by the vaginal skin, thereby strengthening the muscles of the vagina and stimulating hormonal balance. The Clerodendron serratum that is present sucks the mucus causing odors in the vagina, thus improving sexual sensations by tightening the vaginal walls. During intercourse, the feeling of vitality and youth is restored thereby giving the male partner greater sensations and satisfaction.


Directions on How to Use Crystal X

  1. Maintain a relaxed body and mind
  2. Wash your hands and you vagina
  3. Insert the vagina herbal stick for 1-2 minutes
  4. Take it out gradually while cautiously moving it to the right and left because the reaction can make it slightly stick to your vaginal walls.
  5. There may be a white discharge due to the stick and the clerodendron serratum cleansing the vagina. This will stop after several uses of the stick
  6. To clean the stick, put it under running water without soap and leave it to dry by standing it vertically. This should get it ready for the next use.
  7. The recommendation is that the Crystal X is used twice daily to eliminate female odor.
  8. For heightened sexual sensation, the stick should be used 5 minutes prior to sexual intercourse.