A Historical Guide to Corporate Gifts


You’ve most likely got them before, sent from a company just to say thank you for your patronage. But more often than not they end up being stored and forgotten in a drawer or probably end up being thrown into the closest trashcan. It is, however, possible to give gifts that will be appreciated by the customer and also strengthen their relationship with your company. These five tips will ensure that you always give out stand out corporate gifts that pass on the right message.

  1. Don’t Go Too Far

The gift is meant to be an expression of your gratitude for the personal relationship between you and your customer, and not to put a value on their business with you. Sending a gift that’s too valuable or too costly gives the impression of trying to buy the client’s business. Less expensive is ideal in this kind of situations.


  1. Give Something Beneficial

The best gifts for a client are those that are also useful to them in their everyday business undertakings. Go for something that solves a problem or makes life easier.


  1. Explain the Reason Behind The Gift

When you give a customer a gift, make sure that you let them know why you selected that gift in particular and why you believed they would like it. You want them to realize you went to great lengths in picking out the gift.


  1. Make It Extraordinary

The best gifts always stand out, or they are the ones the customer gets when they least expect. So instead of sending out the usual Christmas gift like most other companies, send your customer a Valentine’s Day gift instead.


  1. Don’t Break Any Laws

If there are any legal limitations around giving corporate gifts in your or your customer’s industrial sector, ensure that you are aware of them. State, federal, or local laws may forbid certain types of gifts.