Medical Malpractice Lawyers NYC – Common Forms of Medical Malpractice


Medical malpractice is a situation where a health care professional is in breach of their duty to care for a patient, leading to injury or death. Luckily these cases are few and far between, but the consequences of their occurrence can be shattering, and it is at that point that the services of medical malpractice lawyers NYC would be required. Here are some of the most prevalent kinds of medical malpractice.

  1. Childbirth Injuries. There are certain injuries arising from medical malpractice that can happen to a fetus in the course of the pregnancy or to a child at the time of birth. Some of the injuries can be quite bad, such as brain injuries like seizure disorders and cerebral palsy, partial or full paralysis, and fractured bones.
  2. Misdiagnosis. Diagnoses that are missed or delayed are a major reason for malpractice complaints. When a condition is misdiagnosed by a doctor or when there’s a failure to diagnose a condition for a certain period of time, it’s possible that the patient would have missed opportunities for treatment that could have prevented severe harm or death.
  3. Surgery Errors. Sometimes, an error might be made in the operating room by a surgeon. A surgeon could also make negligent errors during the course of the surgery, such as leaving surgical equipment behind in the body, puncturing a blood vessel or organ, or operating on the wrong part of the body.
  4. Anesthesia Errors. Mistakes due to anesthesia are fairly rare, but they can be more hazardous than surgical errors. Even a little error made by the anesthesiologist can lead to brain damage, permanent injury, or death.


You need to realize that not every state of affairs where you’re unhappy with a health care professional or doctor amounts to a malpractice. It’s better to consult with your medical malpractice lawyers NYC before going ahead with a medical malpractice claim. They not only help you to determine if there’s a cause of action that is viable, but they also assist you in navigating the legal process and in finding the requisite experts needed to prove your case.