Perhaps one of the biggest moments in the cultural history of America is represented by this book! After the ending situation of World War I, the conceptions and the thoughts regarding the world has been changed radically for U.S citizens.

The Prophet is widely known due to the reason that it is the most translated work of philosophy in the human history. It gathers in one piece inspirational quotes and sermons about all the major aspects of life, like love, marriage, self-knowledge and ethics, and the manner in which these are presented highlights the genius of the writer.

Biography of Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen


Following a storyline of great inspirational compositions and unique approaches on the major topics and concerns, she is currently occupying the Merle Curti Associate Professor of History position at the Wisconsin-Madison University.

The wide areas of domains reflect the tremendous intelligence that resides inside her, covering problems and aspects from all the major categories of the world:

  • History of philosophy
  • Social theory
  • Visual arts and literature
  • Political and religion concerns

All her writings are aiming both the academic and the general public audience. Among the American culture, things like life concerning problems, intellectual ideas and the transcending information inside the human brain, are aspects covered and related in Jennifer’s books.

Maybe the most interesting, and equally brilliant, thing observed in his works is the way in which all these principles are approached. They are not just simply stated and confirmed, but they are seen as revelations that any person can reach only by educating himself, getting to know its true meaning of life and meditation.

Books worth Being Noticed


Even though “The Prophet” was one of the major impact philosophical books in the history of U.S.A, this was not the one that made Jennifer worldwide known.

American Nietzsche: A History of an Icon and His Ideas is her main opera. Her two main state-of-the-art books are considered to be of the same great value, but the advantage of being published in a more close to the 2000s years of American Nietzsche has brought it a higher success.

Among other main accomplishments obtained by this brilliant person, we can state that she is the founder of the Intellectual History Group at Wisconsin-Madison University and she is keeping numerous classes for young talented kids that developed a higher intelligence and are able to create new ideas and to view the past from a different angle than it has been done previously.

In the end, it is worth mentioning her complete academic life and other facts about Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen’s activity:


  • Education
  • Brandeis University: PhD
  • University of Rochester: BA


  • History Courses
  • History of American Thought, 1859 to the Present
  • S. History, Civil War to the Present


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