The Reenactment of Vinyl – Record Player Reviews


If the vinyl waters are a completely new concept for you, or if you’ve been there before and trying to get back in, your best option might be to go for a plug-and-play turntable after reading through a couple of record player reviews. Apart from having a cartridge and tonearm pre-fitted, they also possess a phone stage that allows them to be hooked up directly to your speaker or hi-fi system. There are even USB outputs on some of them that allow connection to your computer so that records can be ripped to digital files.

A lot of mid-price decks are offered as a package with the appropriate cartridge, so all you have to do is include a phone stage. The freedom to upgrade the phone stage also comes with more freedom to upgrade the cartridge, and this could bring about an improvement to a whole different level of sound.

For the people with cash to spare and those that love tinkering, there’s an option that is somewhat high-end which involves selecting the tonearm, turntable, phono pre-amp, and cartridge separately in a bid to create the best-sounding combination for you. High-end does not necessarily have to equate to mix-and-match, though, as there are numerous flagship record players available with corresponding carts and arms.


What Accessories Do You Need?

There’s an enormous amount of accessories offered to people who are addicted to vinyl. Some of them are invaluable, while you would use some of them only once during the setup and never need them again.

A stylus brush and a kind of record cleaner are absolutely necessary, and an adapter for record centers that are 45rpm, if your intention is to play a lot of ex-jukebox discs. If you have the intention of upgrading cartridges, or if your tonearm does not come with a form of valuable scale for fixing the force, then a tracking force gauge will be required.

The most important factor in every turntable setup is a surface that’s properly level and stable for your turntable. Your accessories will not really matter much if your vinyl spins on a cushion.